All You Need to Know About DS Group’s Campaign on International Women’s Day!

DS Group's Campaign

Ahead of International Women’s Day celebrated on March 8, 2023, the DS Group, a multi-faceted conglomerate, and a significant force in India’s Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry, announced its innovative campaign, #SaluteTheFarmHER.

Objective of the Initiative

This initiative served a dual purpose: to recognize the indispensable contributions of female farmers in agriculture and to create a societal shift in acknowledging their roles. In an economy like India, which is fundamentally agrarian, agriculture constitutes a significant portion of the labour force. According to Niti Ayog, roughly 80% of women in rural areas are engaged in agricultural activities, yet their work frequently goes unacknowledged. DS Group India aimed to rectify this imbalance by creating awareness and appreciating the uncelebrated efforts of these industrious women.

The campaign’s initial phase involved releasing an eye-opening video to the public. The video showed an interesting social experiment: when children were asked to draw a picture of a farmer, an overwhelming majority sketched male figures. This suggests that the gender bias in recognizing farmers starts young, underlining the necessity for immediate intervention.

To tackle this skewed perception, the DS Groupcollaborated with influential media organizations, bloggers in the agricultural sector, and stock photo platforms to diversify the imagery associated with farming. The idea was to include images of both male and female farmers in articles, blog posts, and other forms of media, thus, taking a step towards correcting this historical oversight.

DS Group’s CSR Initiatives

At the heart of DS Group’s corporate philosophy is their commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). DS Group CSR initiatives are carefully constructed around principles that respect and draw upon the indigenous knowledge and skills of local communities, aiming for sustainable development. Their CSR activities are far-reaching and holistic, designed to offer a spectrum of benefits from raising awareness to implementation and ensuring long-term sustainability. The Group’s focus is not just on treating symptoms but addressing the root causes of social, economic, and environmental issues.

One of the most notable aspects of DS Group’s CSR initiatives is their work in rural communities. Women in these areas are no longer just homemakers; they are increasingly becoming the torchbearers of change in various facets of life, be it social change, economic development, or environmental protection. Empowering these women, therefore, could be a game-changer for the Indian economy at large.

The company’s farm-based livelihood projects are evidence of this commitment. These programs act as incubators for female cultivators, entrepreneurs, and skilled agricultural labour, playing an essential role in their professional and personal development.

Thus far, DS Group’s CSR activities have made a significant impact, improving the lives of approximately 24,000 women farmers across a dozen agrarian states in India. This isn’t just a statistic; it’s a testament to the DS Group’s deep-rooted belief in creating shared value. They don’t see CSR as a peripheral activity but consider it an integral part of their overarching business strategy. Their efforts aim for the broader, sustainable well-being of community stakeholders.


In summary, the #SaluteTheFarmHER initiative by DS Group is more than just a campaign; it’s a statement of intent, a vision for a more inclusive and equitable future. It represents an important strand in the conglomerate’s broader tapestry of CSR activities that seeks to create a better, more sustainable world. As DS Group continues to grow as a business entity, its role as a socially responsible conglomerate also expands, offering a model for how corporations can integrate social good into their core business objectives.

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