sustainable business

Why become a sustainable business?

231 ViewsThe notion of CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility has existed for a little over 70 years. However, it has only been in recent years and more particularly since the health crisis that this has made sense. Indeed, COVID-19 has more than ever demonstrated the importance of preserving the riches of our planet. But also,…

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mental health

Tips for taking care of your mental health

238 ViewsSandra explains that mental health is not just the absence of a psychiatric disorder: it is about the quality of life, the ability to change whenever possible and to adapt when necessary. To be in good mental health is to be at peace with one’s history and emotions, to be able to organize one’s…

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life insurance

Inheritance and life insurance

207 ViewsInterest of the life insurance contract for the spouse Between spouses, taking out a life insurance policy is of little interest from a tax point of view, since the surviving spouse is in any case completely exempt from the payment of inheritance tax. But it has an advantage for transmitting capital to your spouse….

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video surveillance

Why a video surveillance system in my store?

250 ViewsA video surveillance system in an office or warehouse? To prevent the risk of vandalism or damage to your offices and storage areas, video surveillance cameras are perfectly suited. Ask an expert for advice on installing a surveillance camera via the site It makes it possible to overcome the presence of security officers permanently…

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selling your car

Tips and tricks for selling your car

239 ViewsChange and replenish all fluids . Replace worn belts and the air filter if dirty. You are thinking of buying a hybrid vehicle. Financially, you can afford it, but only if you sell your current restored car yourself and pocket the difference between the purchase price and the resale price. So how do you…

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advantages of wallpaper

The 10 advantages of wallpaper

200 ViewsNon-woven wallpaper is a new material that sticks very easily by sticking directly to the wall. No more need for a painting to be wallpapered that takes up the whole room and hinders us to pose! The glue is simply put on the wall with a roller and a brush. It’s cleaner and faster….

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United Kingdom

Stay in the United Kingdom

352 ViewsEngland belongs to the United Kingdom, as do Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. This country covers most of the center and south of the island of Great Britain. At the origin of a brilliant civilization and of the British Empire, on which the sun never set, it was said, England is the fatherland of…

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engagement ring

choose your engagement ring

222 ViewsAn engagement ring is a piece of jewelry that is given as a symbol of commitment . These days, this piece is often a solitaire (i.e. a ring adorned with a center stone). This one can be worked in different ways: with a pavĂ© of diamonds around the center stone, on the ring, or…

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