Why a video surveillance system in my store?

video surveillance

A video surveillance system in an office or warehouse?

To prevent the risk of vandalism or damage to your offices and storage areas, video surveillance cameras are perfectly suited.

Ask an expert for advice on installing a surveillance camera via the site

It makes it possible to overcome the presence of security officers permanently present on site. Indeed, coupled with a motion detector or a wireless alarm, security cameras allow you to be informed day and night in the event of an intrusion into your premises.

Some video surveillance systems are equipped with night vision cameras and infrared cameras to see what is happening even when all the lights are off.

In another area, a video surveillance system allows you to carry out video surveillance of your site and, for example, to strengthen access control to your site by choosing whether or not to let a person enter your premises using the pictures provided.

It is possible to place an outdoor ip camera and a dummy camera to strengthen the security of your site.

A video surveillance system also makes it possible to determine the veracity of a signaled alarm. Were you told that the fire alarm was triggered by a smoke detector? You will be able to check if it is an error or if you have to notify the fire brigade as soon as possible… The house alarm goes off? The wifi ip camera shows you what’s going on.

Is my CCTV system secure?

Having a video surveillance system is good, but you still have to be sure that it cannot be hacked. Indeed, a video surveillance system installed too simply can be easily circumvented by burglars. Calling on a professional will allow you to install the solution adapted to your needs (HD camera, outdoor camera, mini camera) and your budget while securing the position of the surveillance cameras and the transmission of data.

So from your smartphone or your computer you can carry out real remote monitoring of your site with a beautiful image quality provided by HD cameras, while relying on the expertise of the professional who installed your video surveillance system giving you thus a real security system.

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