Tips and tricks for selling your car

selling your car

Change and replenish all fluids . Replace worn belts and the air filter if dirty.

You are thinking of buying a hybrid vehicle. Financially, you can afford it, but only if you sell your current restored car yourself and pocket the difference between the purchase price and the resale price. So how do you get the best price for your car?

Here are their top tips:

Tip 1: Update Routine Maintenance

Savvy buyers check vehicle fluids ( engine oil , coolant , transmission fluid, brake fluid , power steering fluid ) to make sure they are not worn or too low. They also check to see if the belts are not worn and the bulbs are burnt out . Every little problem you solve before putting the vehicle on sale will be one less obstacle when negotiating the price with a potential buyer.

Tip 2: Thoroughly clean the vehicle and call a professional

Save time and money by offering the services of a professional car wash. You can tell potential buyers that an expert has taken care of your vehicle: a good selling point.

In the mind of a buyer, a dirty car is a car that has not been maintained properly. This can therefore put off immediately. Car cleanlinessmeans cleaning it up as a whole while tweaking the details. It may seem easy to do yourself. Still, it’s a lot of work that can take you an entire day – trust us. And again, you won’t even get a flawless result. In addition, the equipment needed for cleaning can cost you up to $85, not including the cost of renting a carpet and upholstery shampooer. In short, cleaning your car yourself is a miscalculation.

What to do then? Start by removing all your belongings (in other words: your clutter) from the dashboard, glove box and trunk – including the space reserved for the spare tire.Then hire a car cleaning professional! It should cost you $135-150 . Telling potential buyers that your car has been thoroughly cleaned by a professional is a huge selling point

Tip 3: File Receipts

If you have kept all your receipts for services performed on your car, great! Use them to prove that you have conscientiously maintained your vehicle. But if you think you’re impressing potential buyers by showing them a handful of receipts, you’re wrong. They will be confused by the amount of documents and will believe that you are trying to bamboozle them. Instead, list maintenance and repair services on a single sheet of paper, listing them by date and mileage . Then staple it to receipts.

Tip 4: Place an ad as an individual

You will sell your car faster if your Internet advertisement includes good quality photos . Park the car in a shady spot and photograph the exterior, interior and trunk.

Small-scale dealers often refurbish ‘salvaged’ or ‘auctioned’ vehicles and sell them through the classifieds by listing in the retail category. Distinguish yourself from these “disguised sellers” by emphasizing your status as a particular seller. If you are the original owner of the vehicle, state this at the beginning of the ad as follows: “Individual Ad/Original Owner. » Create a free ad on a vehicle sales website. Be sure to include plenty of good quality photos so potential buyers can see the condition of your car.

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