The 10 advantages of wallpaper

advantages of wallpaper

Non-woven wallpaper is a new material that sticks very easily by sticking directly to the wall. No more need for a painting to be wallpapered that takes up the whole room and hinders us to pose! The glue is simply put on the wall with a roller and a brush. It’s cleaner and faster.

Easy take off

Non-woven paper is also notorious for tearing off when dry. That is to say without products, without humidifying, without a steam mop… The paper peels off from a block without leaving any residue on the wall. So you may want to change tapestry often, that’s no longer a problem.

Hides small defects in the wall

Even on an imperfect wall, the wallpaper sticks and hides the appearance defects of the wall and the small holes. The paper marries the wall but it is not necessarily 100% sticking against it. If there is a small hole, the paper will sit smooth over it.

The necessary equipment

To wallpaper a room, you only need a roller, a paintbrush, a smoothing brush and a cutter. These are inexpensive tools that can be found everywhere in DIY stores. The kit to paste your wallpaper does not exceed 15€.

Choice of the printed image

There are so many choices of images printed on wallpaper! Whether it’s a pattern or a photograph, wallpaper has no limit in creativity. Landscapes, geometric patterns, photographs of animals, maps of the world… dozens of different decorative atmospheres and hundreds of images:

  •    Nature
  •    sea and ocean
  •    Mountain
  •    Optical illusion
  •    Zen
  •    Vintage
  •    Jungle
  •    Flowers
  •    …

Personalized decoration

The personalized wallpaper allows you to print your own photo: a beautiful memory, a family photo, an important day… It’s also a great idea for a gift.

Drying time: disadvantage of painting

The wallpaper dresses the wall of a room immediately. Once installed, you no longer have to wait, you can rearrange the room right away. Paint, on the contrary, has a drying time to respect. Otherwise, you will put it on your furniture and damage what you have just done!

 The interview

Wallpaper cleans well, ask before cleaning. The paper can be washed with a damp sponge or cloth. The canvas supports the addition of soapy water on the sponge for the most inked stains.

Suitable for all rooms

Now that you know the advantages of wallpaper over paint, we can reconcile them. ☺

The two products can match in the same room. The decoration is balanced with landscape wallpaper on one wall of the room, then plain paint on the other 3 walls, for example. You have to find the right balance between colors and patterns so that the living room is always a bright room, a bedroom a more intimate place, the kitchen conducive to working…

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