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United Kingdom

England belongs to the United Kingdom, as do Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. This country covers most of the center and south of the island of Great Britain. At the origin of a brilliant civilization and of the British Empire, on which the sun never set, it was said, England is the fatherland of the Beatles, Harry Potter, fish & chips, tea and royal gossip. .

Fortunately, England is more than its clichés or its capital. And to discover its hidden riches, you will necessarily have to get away from London. So if you’re wondering what to do in England, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will help you prepare for your future trip to this beautiful and old European country! We have listed 15 of the most beautiful places you should absolutely visit in England.

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Impossible to visit England without discovering its capital, the heart of the former British Empire and today a global and multicultural city. Take advantage of your stay to admire the emblematic monuments, such as Big Ben or Buckingham Palace .

We also recommend taking a cruise on the Thames or strolling through hipster Shoreditch, among other great things to do here! But above all, London is the perfect starting point for visiting England.

Bristol _

It’s time to leave the capital. First stop: Bristol , known for its street art and the famous Banksy, a native of the city. Above all, it is one of the most pleasant cities in the country, with its mild climate, its dynamic cultural activity and its fascinating historical past.

You’ll come to Bristol for the many things to see and do, and you’ll love it for its cultural, culinary and festive buzz!

The Cotswolds

The Cotswolds are the quintessence of England: stone cottages, winding back roads, charming streams and picturesque villages.

This region is a real postcard setting, it has many places to discover urgently. Among them, the village of Castle Combe is a must, one of the most beautiful in all of England! Located just two hours from London, do not hesitate to visit the Cotswolds.


Not far from Bristol, Bath is a spa town, whose creation dates back to Roman times! It is one of the most charming towns, among the most beautiful in the country and a few kilometers from Bristol.

Come and admire its magnificent honey-colored stone buildings and enjoy its spas! Around the city, we also recommend that you discover the city of Wells and the superb Cheddar Gorge .

South Dorset

This stunning coastal region stretches from East Devon to the incredible Old Harry Rocks , near Swanage in Dorset. The cliffs of South Dorset were formed over 250 million years ago, during the Triassic.

Superb walks and hikes await you along these impressive cliffs, with breathtaking landscapes and panoramas. Do not hesitate to take a tour of the charming town of Weymouth and the Isle of Portland.


What to do in England? Visit Cornwall, of course. It is one of the emblematic regions of the country. Located at the South West tip of England, you will find fantastic coastal scenery as well as wonderful beaches.

There is also a whole historical and cultural part in Cornwall, such as Tintagel and the ruins of King Arthur’s birthplace or the Dartmoor National Park, with its menhirs, cairns, and circles of monoliths! In Penzance, a pretty fishing port at the end of the peninsula, is the English twin of Mont Saint Michel: St. Michael’s Mount .

Between Dorset and Cornwall, Devon is an atypical and fabulous destination to visit in England. In Exmoor National Park , one of the most beautiful in the country, you can admire breathtaking waterfalls and gorges – the scenery of which evokes more exotic destinations than England!

To the south, discover the attractions of the seaside resort of Sidmouth , which is in full swing with Folk Week. In the North, go to Ilfracombe , a small paradise for surfers.

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