Why become a sustainable business?

sustainable business

The notion of CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility has existed for a little over 70 years. However, it has only been in recent years and more particularly since the health crisis that this has made sense. Indeed, COVID-19 has more than ever demonstrated the importance of preserving the riches of our planet. But also, what was less clear until now, is the need to preserve and improve the well-being of employees in the company. And of course, all this while continuing to be profitable. These are the three poles that sum up the principle of CSR and a sustainable company: putting the environment, employees and the economy at the center of companies’ concerns.

What is a sustainable business?

But as mentioned in the introduction, it is now proven that a sustainable company is a company that bases its values ​​on the intersection between employee well-being, respect for the environment and profitability. It is the golden triangle that creates the foundations of a sustainable business.

A company that preserves the environment

This is one of the pillars of a sustainable company: being a company committed to sustainable development and environmental protection. In concrete terms, what actions can be taken to limit a company’s impact on the environment? This can go through small daily gestures as well as more impactful measures.

First, to become an eco-business, you have to opt for better management of everyday consumer products. Paper, water, internal prints, packaging…etc. This is made possible first by involving and empowering employees. But it is also possible thanks to the installation of suitable infrastructures: sorting bins for better waste management, for example, recycled and recyclable paper, stirrers for coffee in wood or bamboo… up to the installation of compost in the company. For example, it has been shown that good print management can generate savings of up to 40% for businesses!

Also, to become a sustainable company, it is also necessary to look into the question of energy consumption and sometimes even to initiate a real energy transition. The first items on which it is possible to consume less are: heating, air conditioning, lighting or transport. This is what we will see below (source GPOMag.fr ).

In short, there is no shortage of solutions to convert a business into an eco-business, without impacting profitability!

A company that cares about the well-being of its employees and encourages equality, diversity and inclusiveness

The second pillar of a sustainable company is employee well-being. Because in recent years, it has been proven that the link between productivity and well-being is irrefutable. Especially in recent months, with the crisis we have been through. It has even been proven that the more employees are fulfilled in their company, the more the results of it increase.

A sustainable company is therefore a company that listens to its employees. The goal is no longer for them to come to work to earn money. They want to find meaning in their daily lives and work in a company that changes society as a whole, thanks to sustainable and eco-responsible values. Employees therefore become the company’s ambassadors.

Of course, a company in which the employees feel good and work in good conditions is a company that is both more productive and retains its employees longer. To do this, it is possible to focus on certain points such as communication between employees, but also with managers, employee safety or even suitable infrastructure (relaxation rooms, installation of plants in the premises, etc.).

Obviously, who says employee well-being also says equality , inclusiveness and diversity. These are three inseparable criteria of a good CSR policy. A company that wants to be sustainable and ethical must put these three criteria at the center of its concerns.

As mentioned just now, it is CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility which alone brings together all the commitments and all the values ​​we have just mentioned.

At i dverde, we have of course made it a point of honor to develop these three axes in a sustainable and ethical way: people, planet, performance. It is thanks to this that we are a sustainable company and that we wish to continue, at our level, to reduce climate change, for the well-being of all. We strive, on a daily basis, to always be exemplary, in particular through long-term partnerships and by being at the forefront of innovation in our profession.

Meeting new consumer expectations

If being a sustainable company has become essential in the eyes of staff and its leaders, it is also increasingly the case in the eyes of consumers.

This was revealed by a study by Kantar TNS at the end of 2020. According to it, no less than 71% of the French population wants brands to engage, communicate and act in complete transparency. In addition, 23% of French people admit to moving away from a brand if it does not take health or environmental issues into account. Finally, the study also reveals that 86% of French people select their products according to their packaging. The fewer, the better.

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