4 Decor Ideas to Give a Luxurious Look to Your 3 BHK Flat in Mumbai

BHK Flat in Mumbai

So, did you all get possession of your 3 BHK flats in Mumbai? Well, now comes the time to make a lot of big decisions on how to make the space appealing for your luxury living.

You must have already talked to your priest or vastu expert to decide on the moving date. Now, there’s a deadline for you to get the house ready with an aesthetic appeal, which suits your personality, and reflects positivity for your luxurious and peaceful living.

Once you are done with the buying, now it is time to turn it into your dream home.

And this article brings to you some charismatic decor ideas to make your house stand out!

1. Add Sophistication to the Design Through the Understated Colour Tones

You don’t need to add loud colours to make the place dramatically appealing. You can stick to some earthy and natural shades of grey, brown, or dark wooden textures. It will add a heightened finish to the entire interior space of the 3 BHK flats in Mumbai.

You can preferably go for the darker tones, as they add both dramatic as well as cool appeal to your entire space. It is even a popular design preference for interior experts. Moreover, you don’t need to stick to brown or black when picking the darker tones.

To ensure this design pops out well, you should add reflective mirror panels and cool lights to bring style and charm to your rooms. You should incorporate this design in your living room and bring in a bright coloured sofa with semi-light-coloured pillows.

2. Allow the Abundant Flow of Natural Light

While we are talking about decorating your 3 BHK flat in Mumbai with a plethora of artificial lights, it isn’t right to neglect the ambiance that natural light can create. Irrespective of what theme you decide for the house, do enable the window fixtures in a way to permit sufficient sunlight to enter your house during the day.

Thus, it will create a very bright, calming, and soothing feel to the entire house. Moreover, the furniture, curtains, designer walls, and everything else around the house would glam up alongside the shine and glaze of the natural sunlight. So, count it as one of the prime decor options when you are revamping the interior as per your taste.

3. Add Some Majestic Art Pieces

If you are an art lover, you can bring in some timeless pieces and add them to the walls of 3 BHK flats in Mumbai. Even though you don’t like art, once you add a couple of them to your living room or bedroom, you will start bringing more of them in.

It is because art adds uniqueness to the space, and if it is an original piece, then it will develop an awestruck charm. Remember not to go with the popular or trendy art pieces as they will go outdated in a year or two, and that wouldn’t be good for your investment today.

Hence, pick the artworks that go well with your personality, and add meaning to your life. Moreover, when your guests come in, these art pieces will definitely be one of the great conversation starters.

4. Add Layered Lighting Fixtures to Enhance the Evening Charm

The sun is low, and the evening hours are in! Now, your house needs to take over the necessity of illuminating the space. And, as most of the 3 BHK flats in Mumbai are built over an average carpet area, not all rooms get enough light, even during the bright daytime.

Therefore, you need to ask your interior designer to get you some layered lights or mix & match them with various other types, which will provide aesthetics and functionality to your home. Layered lighting makes the illumination look modern and chic.


These are the four brilliant decor ideas you can implement to make the 3 BHK flats in Mumbai replicate the luxury ambiance, which goes well with your personality on point! You can always add your share of creativity to blend in different appealing decor options to enhance the quotient.

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