How To Deal With Dumper or Garbage Truck Accidents?

Manhattan, KS Truck Accident Attorney

In our day-to-day lives, we come across too many large commercial trucks sharing the same roads or lanes with us. Even if all the interactions go smoothly between the truck driver and the average vehicle, unavoidable accidents may take place due to their vast sizes, blind spots, and weight. Garbage or dumb trucks are of massive size and weight, which makes it challenging to control them in times of Emergencies. Speed is not the factor for these trucks. 

Large blind spots are a prominent deciding factor that increases the risk of more accidents with other vehicles. Since these trucks have to mainly use the residential and commercially busy routes of Manhattan, the number of collisions substantially increases. If you are also involved in such a case, you should consult the Manhattan, KS Truck Accident Attorney for legal assistance. 

What are the usual causes of these accidents?

As so many service vehicles ride on the road, it is essential to notice the factors in which these accidents take place:

Blind spot

These types of trucks have large blind spots around almost every point of the rearview. Due to their vast sizes, small vehicles can easily be unseen by the driver, leading to accidents when the driver changes lanes or turns.

No proper maintenance 

During an emergency, heavy vehicles can easily lead to accidents if the proper maintenance of tires, brakes, or lights is lacking. 

Negligence of the drivers

Speeding, distracted drivers, and illness can lead to accidents. Hurry at work, tight routines, and deadlines can lead to unhealthy pressure on drivers, which can lead to the risk of accidents. 

Shifting of cargo

In the case of negligence, the proper load-securing process can cause the loads to shift from their places and create the risk of accidents.

Poor weather conditions

Low visibility, high rainfall or snowfall, and fog can significantly lead to more hazards and accidents.

What are the impacts of these accidents? 

Accidents like this can be life-threatening, and some consequences of these accidents can be 

  • Severe brain injuries can lead to memory loss, heart attack, brain amperage, and strokes.  
  • Spinal cord damage can result in paralysis and chronic pain.
  • Severe burns can happen if hot engine material spills during the accident.
  • Emotional trauma that can lead to depression and anxiety.
  • Amputations of limbs and other parts can lead to lifetime disabilities. 

Why do you need a lawyer?

If you are involved in a truck accident, you certainly need a lawyer to file the case. Therefore, you need skilled and experienced lawyers who can investigate and collect pieces of evidence that could help you.

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