Safe Ship Moving Services Discusses a Few Factors to Keep in Mind When Packing Fragile Goods for a Move

n Packing Fragile Goods for a Move

Moving to a new place can be quite a complex process. Ensuring the safety of their belongings in the process would be a paramount concern for people. The journey from the old house to a new one is likely to involve a variety of inherent risks, and damage is an unfortunate reality that one must anticipate.  Even if the move is handled by professionals like Safe Ship Moving Services, one must take the necessary steps to try their best to keep their fragile and valuable possessions protected during the relocation process.

Safe Ship Moving Services underlines techniques for protecting delicate belongings during the move

If one is planning to move, then they must prioritize investing in right supplies and following the appropriate techniques that help in protecting fragile goods during transit. Even the most minor details must be carefully accounted for to ensure the move goes off without a hitch.

Here are a few simple tips one must follow to protect delicate belongings during the move:

  • Use the right packing materials when packing fragile items: To pack fragile goods properly, it is imperative to invest in suitable supplies. The right materials should be used to pack diverse objects. For instance, packing a computer differs from packing items like glassware. The essential packing materials and supplies that one must keep in hand are:
  • Packaging peanuts is useful in filling up empty spaces in boxes. They are designed to withstand shocks or vibrations and protect the items inside boxes.
  • Bubble wrap is a protective material that comes in different sizes. It provides a cushioning effect, and hence is well-suited for packing extra delicate items like plates, bowls, and cups
  • Furniture pads or padded inserts can help in protecting more oversized fragile items, like furniture or larger glassware. These pads also keep things in their proper place.
  • Towels, old clothes and newspapers can also be used to fill empty spaces within the moving boxes.
  • Put glass and ceramics in small boxes: Small boxes are ideal for keeping items like china cups, plates, glasses and vases safe. It would be prudent to wrap each item individually in packing paper or bubble wrap before they are placed into the small box.  The tighter one fills up each box, the less extra space would be left for the items to move during transit.
  • Label fragile in boxes: It would be a good idea to label the box as fragile when packing delicate items. One can simply write “fragile” on all the sides of each boxes, and in big letters so it is apparent to anyone that the box shouldn’t be dropped or handled roughly.
  • Ensure proper placement:  During the move, one should place heavier boxes at the bottom and lighter, more delicate items on top.  Dividers or cardboard separators can additionally be used to keep fragile items from touching each other, thereby reducing the risk of damage due to friction.

Following the pointers mentioned, and availing the assistance of movers like Safe Ship Moving Services can help in moving fragile goods safely and securely.

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